Due to its wide range of practice areas, Studio Galgano is able to offer its clients a comprehensive approach to legal consulting, from the most sophisticated and complex legal advice to the most practical operational support.

Private Law

Studio Galgano’s decade-long tradition means it can offer its national and international clientele support of the highest quality in different, such as private law, litigation, contract negotiation and consulting -even in highly complex sectors regarding fundamental individual rights, family law, real estate, contract law, tort law and inheritance law. 

Commercial and Company Law.

The firm supports its national and international clientele with incorporation, M&As and restructuring procedures, as well as with the operations pertaining to the launch of corporations on the stock exchange, such as IPOs, takeover bids, etc.

Furthermore, it provides continual support on issues affecting day-to-day business operations, such as contract drafting in a number of sectors; it also assists with commercial and corporate litigation.

Banking and financial markets law

Studio Galgano’s clients include banks, brokers, trusts, finance companies and asset-management companies involved with both open-end and closed-end investment funds. It provides assistance on a wide array of issues, such as liaising with regulatory authorities, providing legal representation in proceedings concerning interim measures and sanctions, as well as tender offers of both public and non-public companies. 

Insolvency law

In the field of company crisis management and in matters of insolvency law, Studio Galgano assists its clientele with the negotiation and drafting of debt restructuring agreements, insolvency agreements as well as with the related litigation. 

Industrial, competition and media law

In matters involving trademarks, patents, copyright and competition, Studio Galgano has acquired an impressive know-how. A significant part of its clientele consists of companies active in IT, media, advertising and service industries.


Studio Galgano is well known for its expertise in litigation support for its clientele, before judicial authorities, colleges or arbitration panels both in Italy and abroad. 

Real Estate Law

Our firm supports a wide range of operators, such as banks, companies, real estate investment funds and even private individuals, in matters regarding possession, management, development and conveyancing, as well as in all aspects pertaining to investments in this sector, both in Italy and overseas. The firm is also the Italian operations consultant for Property Desk Corporation, a company specialized in providing advice to real estate investors, particularly those interested in the US market. 

Labour Law

In the field of Labour Law, Studio Galgano provides comprehensive assistance to its clientele, from the drafting of individual employment contracts and of internal regulations to the drafting of collective agreements at company level. It provides support in the processes of business, branch and employee transfers within Italy and overseas; in negotiations and bargaining with Trade Unions; in procedures before the Italian National Pension Funds (INPS), National Insurance and Ministry of Welfare, both in cases of contentious industrial relations and – when company restructuring and redundancy procedures are in place- in cases of access to unemployment/welfare benefits.

Administrative Law

Administrative Law is one of Studio Galgano’s core practice areas, on which the firm provides both judicial and extrajudicial legal advice and representation. Support includes procedures before administrative courts, administrative authorities (regulatory agencies, “watchdogs”), as well as assistance and consulting in sectors relating to public services, tenders, urban planning, constructions and eminent domain/compulsory purchases/expropriations.

International and EU Law

Studio Galgano’s long-lasting, cooperative relationships with law firms all over the world means that it can offer its clients judicial and extra-judicial assistance on transnational legal issues. The firm has acquired considerable experience in contractual matters and in questions pertaining to EU Law by having close relationships with firms that operate in important areas of commerce and industry, and being a member of Law Exchange International – an international network of independent law firms- Studio Galgano can support its clients by facilitating access to crucial markets at a global level.